Golden Bricks

Infrastructure Private ltd.
(Libas Consumer Products Ltd.)

Golden bricks is a salt manufacturing company. With the current scenario, Health has become a huge factor & being health enthusiasts, the scope for development was visible to founder members of Libas. Golden Bricks developed the first Asian Arabic salt a blend of salts from Himalayas and Persia.

We have developed unique salts like Pink Himalayan salt, Red gourmet salt, Blue Casablanca salt : a blend of persian blue salt with a tinge of pink himalayan salt Not to forget the Orange Iranian salt. All salts are tested for insolubility and cover the top required minerals.

Most of the salts are non iodised and are free flow, no chemicals are ever added and are ground with pure steel machines available and keeping in mind all hygiene standards.
We manufacture salts for companies with their requirements of sizes, color and essence. The salts are customized and packaged in 25 to 50 kilogram bags and also packs upto 200 gms.

Our Advantages

Competitive Advantages Of Salt Products


Direct Mining

Perform all stages of mine extraction and separation of various colour of salt directly and exclusively.


We offer all sizes of the Rock salt and other mesh salts in bulk and in packages of 20kg and above.

Direct Selling

From importing to manufacturing of all types of salt and packing in 1-60 KG in your brand.

Quality Guarantee

Moisture free, Zero Arsenic & certified by top agency of Fssai.

Economic Price

We guarantee you quality & economical prices as we have in-house laboratory, processing & packaging unit.

Promoters & Directors

Mr. Riyaz Gangji

Whole Time Director

Ms. Reshma Gangji

Managing Director

Mr. Nishant Mahimtura

Chairman & CFO

Why Choose Us

We are pioneer in selecting top mines producing top qualties of various rocksalt, used in food, decoration, agriculture, deicing, our strenght in identifying different salts handling logistic, packaging.

We are committed to a stress free delivery schedule and economic pricing.

Our work process

Over the course of 25 years in Business, we have worked out the best working process.

Receive and Evaluate
the project overview
Research and
detailed Planning
Deploy and
complete the project
Evaluation and
project handover